Social Media

Find Your Voice Online

Social networking benefits are vast. In fact, social media is growing more and more every year. A great deal of your customers are using some form of social media in their everyday online experience. To have a comprehensive online presence, you need to be where your customers and prospects are most likely to find you. You don’t need to be involved with all social media platforms. Rather, find the platform that best fits your business or industry and create content relevant to your customers and prospects.

Social Media Services


If you have a designated person in-house that has a knack for social media and marketing, we will provide coaching for them. Here are ways we can help:
– Show them how to setup industry alerts
– Explain how and when to post effectively
– Set them up with a program allowing them to schedule their posting
– Teach how to respond to both legitimate and inappropriate comments from users
– Provide tips on how best to engage users


Sometimes managing your social media is more than you’re able to handle consistently. StarFlame Solutions can:
– Provide content that is industry appropriate
– Encourage/remind to provide corporate event pictures
– Send out holiday greetings
– Manage inappropriate responses
– Create individual profiles where applicable
– Show how to link from and to your website


Setup & Design

The setup and design of your social media platforms are best when branded using your logo, colors and overall style. StarFlame Solutions works with you to:
– Encourage all employees to push the corporate account
– Get a customized URL
– Provide links for website icons


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