Video Marketing

Showcase Your Services With Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Showcase Your Services With Video Marketing

We’re a visual society and many people want to be ‘shown’ how to do something. A little secret that many companies don’t realize is that videos don’t need to be a big budget stage production to get a cool, polished look. In fact, a more natural, man-on-the-street video often holds more credibility. The popularity of YouTube has gone a long way toward creating the acceptability of video-as-content rather than video-as-production. And that ‘everyday’ acceptability pays off for companies who want to include video on their website or blog.

Video Services

Videos don’t need to be long.  In fact, something less than 2 minutes will go a long way online. Attention spans are shorter due to an abundance of content on any subject of interest. So, shorter is better. Of course, there are exceptions based on your product or service, and the amount of detail you need to explain your topic. Check out our video work. 

Website Services

StarFlame Solutions works with you to develop or edit videos to use on your website. We’ll also setup a YouTube account that houses your videos. This account will be branded with your logo. Here are three reasons why videos are excellent marketing tools:

– You can use the same videos in emails, newsletters, and on your website or blog.

– YouTube is owned by Google, making it the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

– YouTube videos provide SEO benefits.


You can expect us to do the following for all of the videos we create or manage for you:

– Add your company logo

– Add a name banner to frames with people speaking

– Add your physical address, phone number, and website information

– Upload the video to YouTube account


If you have never worked with video, it can seem quite complicated. Talk with us about how easy it is to get started. Increase your search-ability on the Internet, and provide a helpful resource for your target audience.

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