Search Engine Optimization

Get Found Online By Leveraging Your Website

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, involves using technical methods to help search engines better find and categorize a website. Because the algorithms are always changing, constant adjustments are necessary to improve or keep good placement on search engine results. You start by understanding what words and phrases people use to search online for your products or services. StarFlame Solutions works with you to identify the many ways prospects and customers search for your type of business. We add value from an SEO standpoint, using skills and experience to go beyond the obvious choices for search terms. Uncovering new search terms often reaps excellent opportunities for premier search engine page placement.

Blogs are one avenue to help search engines find your site. They provide valuable, informative content for visitors to read, and help get your business on the map in cyberspace. We provide assistance in selecting topics and writing blogs that meet the criteria required to optimize your website. Over time, when you commit to and follow a strategy for writing blog posts with relevant information for your business, you increase your standing with the search engines.

We perform research to find the best strategy for your search engine marketing. We consider your competition, products and services, and budget. A blog is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and persistence to see the benefits. In the meantime, you build credibility with your target audience, and present a personality and point of view that doesn’t necessarily come across in a website alone.

Key SEO Elements

Content Marketing
The cornerstone of good SEO is good content that structured on the page in the right way.
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Website Design
Your website should not only look good but needs to be responsive to mobile viewers.

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Social Media
Social media signals are an important element to your SEO strategy. Find out why this is important.
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When you work with StarFlame Solutions, Search Engine Optimization is woven into the fabric of everything we do for you. It’s how we think. We are constantly striving on your behalf to increase visits to your site, which ultimately increases sales for your product or service.

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